New single “Phone check”

  • imageTurk is here to apply pressure to the music industry by highlighting the many talented artist in Jacksonville, Fl.  Choosing to go the more aggressive route he has enlisted some of the cities more gritty lyricist to throw that all important, first punch.  Check out Balize, D.Broome, and Swordz on the new single “Phone Check”

Turk – Phone Check ( Ft. Balize, D.Broome, Swordz ) by TASTEMAKER RADIO on #SoundCloud

ARIES!!!! ram up!!!!

It’s that time again and its going to be EPIC as usual!! The most anticipated birthday situation in the city for Turk!  All aries get it right…. All ladies lets get right… all my homies get the bowties ready!!!!IMG_2634

JAY z = MJ because J.Cole = Kwame Brown

I’ve often made the statement, ” great basketball players make horrible coaches.” Reason being when the rookie can’t make a certain play the great player turned coach can’t relate to that struggle. But as this post relates to Michael Jordan we are going to talk about him as an executive
MICHAEL JORDAN: 6 time champ, 5 time MVP, 14 time all star, 10 time scoring champ….. And the list goes on. As an executive he is a pretty UNIMPRESSIVE list of accomplishments: trading Richard Hamilton, returning to play for the Wizards, drafting Adam Morrison, and his epic fail!!!!! DRAFTING KWAME BROWN out of high school number 1 overall in 2001, who finished a 12 year career averaging 6 points per game, 5 rebounds and half a block per game after playing for 7 different teams. Most would consider that career that never lived up to the hype. Brown by far is the biggest bust in NBA history, and for his name to be attached to the greatest player to ever lace up a pair of sneakers is so saddening.

But my logic doesn’t only apply to great players turned executive…. In music you have similar issues, most great artist have a bad ear for new artist. Let’s take JayZ: 19 Grammys, 75 million records sold, married Beyonce ( in my opinion the greatest thing he has done with his life) and arguably the best rapper of all time. Jay Z more of them then not seems to make all the right decisions concerning his own career, also has a history of bad executive moves.. Insisting Memphis Bleek was next, retiring and allowing lil wayne to become the best rapper alive, signing MOP, and the worst signing J.cole. NOW BEFORE YALL LABEL ME A HATER LET ME BE CLEAR. I think J cole can spit with the best of them. But he a horrible artist. When I hear Cole on a feature where an artist shelled a few thousand for a hot 16 I am rarely disappointed. But when I spend my own 12.99 on an album I have always been disappointed in the full project. And even the 16 that jayZ decided to let cole jump on due to Andre 3000’s unwillingness to be in the music video for Beyonce’s hit single “we like to party” was one of the worst verses I’ve heard from J. Cole. These are the types of moves a great artist turned executive make. Allowing Cole or any artist for that matter, to follow any 3000 verse is suicide for an artist ( in my opinion that’s why jayZ didn’t do it himself)


I think J. Cole still has a number of years to change this opinion of mine, and I hope he does. But as of today!!!! He is just Kwame brown.

She called me a “person of Inetrest”

Although I was flatterd and humbled by the opportunity last month when asked me to sit down for an interview, I forgot to share it with you great people!!!

Well here you go!!!

Nothing to do in jackaonville


THURSDAY -Decemeber 4th, 8:00pm. Anthony Hamilton “Home for the Holidays” at the Florida theatre.

FRIDAY – December 5th, 9:00pm. the Crown Capital Group presents FIRST FRIDAY at Marble waters hotel.

SATURDAY – December 6th, 10:00pm. CCG brings the number 1 party on Saturday in Jacksonville at the world famous PURE NIGHTCLUB

SUNDAY – December 7th, 8:00pm @odd_rod debuts his 3rd studio album “the Breath of Fresh Air” at the Ritz theatre

NO DJ?….. NO party!!!!

“Fine, I”ll pack up and leave!!!” Is a phrase that any promoter or club owner dreads hearing from his DJ. Simply because nothing in the nightlife moves without the DJ.

All the drink specials and special appearances mean absolutely nothing without the right blend of music that keeps party goers on their feet dancing . It means absolutely nothing if your DJ does not understand the ability they have over crowd control and the influence on what music the people want to hear.

As an MC, Host, and frequent visitor of clubs up and down the east coast I have a great respect for the DJ and all the trouble they go through to create the best experience possible.

DJing is an art, it takes tons of preparation, to develop a style of play that will be well received. It takes even more research to make sure you are up on the latest music and trends in the game.

I have the utmost respect for ALL DJs male and female so, I salute you all!!!!

So next time you run across a DJ you enjoy let them know how much you appreciate them. It makes them feel good about their craft.

This post was inspired by last nights Global Spin awards held in New York,NY. Where DJs were honored with a ceremony similar to the Grammys or Emmys for other genres.

For more information about the Global Spin Awards checkout to see the categories the nominees as well the winners

Weekend in Review

I would like to start off by saying I’m proud of my city!!!!


Even after all of the confusion and mayhem Friday afternoon  First Friday still was a HUGE Success and the patrons were still pleased.


I would like to give a special Thank You to the crown capital Group family for coming together in extreme adversity  and making first Friday at Taste Food Studio happen without as of nothing ever went wrong. But most importantly I’d like to thank the members of “The Katz Downstairs” who had no obligation to fill to move furniture, sound, speakers, chairs…. But they dove right in without question.


This type of cooperation proves that there are people out here that care deeply about the entertainment experience in Jacksonville, Fl.  They helped the team and I get the building  ready for the massive amount of people we all were expecting, then got on stage and ripped the paint off the walls. 


Then DJ Byrd, CEO, and myself followed up with a musical journey that at times made the building appear to be moving a bit!



Then Sunday evening  with v101.5 I hosted “Soulful Sunday” at Taste Food Studio. We had some wonderful  performances by Dez and the future, comedians Nod Ross and Twan Murphy.  Spoke word Superstars Moses West and ANT Heard. With love vocal performances by RnB Sanga and MJBakermusic


Please stay tuned for upcoming events and up to date with all the events in hosting.


Other hosting opportunities are making themselves available and I am embracing all of the love  and support I’m getting



The Price of FAME

The price of Fame…

As I slowly pull up to the club, I am amazed with a line wrapped around the building filled with beautiful women. Fellas are slowly filing in going through VIP and “skip” line. The beauty is not what sparks my amazement, the fact that its 11:05 and every single one of these ladies are willing to pay $20 to participate in tonights festivities and men up to $40.

No celebrity guest. No concert. No holiday. No FREE Guest list.

This is a normal Friday night at the sexiest club in town, and the patrons are in for a show and have no problem paying the price of admission.

Unfortunately, this scene is not set in Jacksonville… The club was a circus of women filled VIPs, 100’s of bottles, and sweat dripping from everyone dancing for 4 straight hours. Again Atlanta is showing and proving why it’s the Mecca that it is.

So after a long night of dancing, drinking Ciroc, and abusing VIP couches. I drive home wondering how does this work in ATL but not in Jacksonville.

Is it the venues? Maybe it’s the promoter? Possibly the DJs? Or is it the patrons?

***light bulb comes on***

It’s all of the above!!! LET ME EXPLAIN

I will be the first to say that Jax lacks high end venues that can produce this type of atmosphere. Most clubs are lacking enough sex appeal to attract the Business minded,self sufficient, woman who will gather her girls and purchase VIP putting groups of so called “stunnas” to shame.
I would even go as far as blaming local promoters (myself Included) for crippling the market with too many gimmicks.
• Free guest list
• uncanny drink specials
• lazy dress codes

We have to remember this is a business, we make money by providing a service. That service is a “well orchestrated night life experience”. Ill sum the promoter portion of this up with one statement, “people have less appreciation For FREE anything.”

Now, the Patron , lets be clear. There is no Party without you. That also means you MAKE the party. The amount of money spent determines the future of the business. The people you bring end up on the website so they are a direct reflection of you, the venue, and the promoter. So my request is that you continue to financially support those who live to entertain you. Avoid the “guest list” because you realize your presence is worth the 10, 20, or 40 dollars the promoter is requesting of you. If this is done it increases the level of the experience of the nightlife in Jacksonville. Which allows the venues to improve. Allows the promoter to bring more celebrity guest and provide the patron with a better experience.

“This ain’t ATLANTA!”

I was recently at a house party enjoying good vibes with some great people. Room filled with beautiful people enjoying good food, plenty Ciroc, and every drinking game known to mankind .

During that time there was a sidebar and the topic was the nightlife in Jacksonville. A young lady took a sip of her adult beverage and said “I don’t go out here!! I mean.. THIS AIN’T ATLANTA!!” Several comments were made and I chimed in and asked… “What’s the difference?” She paused for a moment glanced back into her cup and replied. “It’s just different there” but could not give a concrete answer on what was different.

I then began to point out the fact that
1. We have a lot of the same amenities that Atlanta has
2. We have a one up on Atlanta because of our beaches
3. Jacksonville’s nightlife is determined by those that participate or choose not to participate
4. We control the culture of our nightlife. If its not right change it.

Don’t get me wrong!!! I frequent places like Atlanta, Miami, and Charlotte and enjoy the different scenery and nightlife.

But I also help stimulate the economy in my own hometown. In the bars, clubs, and restaurants that fuel Jacksonville. If we continue to ignore our own city soon we won’t have anything to do at all, this might lead to absolutely no night life, no concerts, and the potential of big events like the Super Bowl never returning to the Greater Jacksonville area.