“This ain’t ATLANTA!”

I was recently at a house party enjoying good vibes with some great people. Room filled with beautiful people enjoying good food, plenty Ciroc, and every drinking game known to mankind .

During that time there was a sidebar and the topic was the nightlife in Jacksonville. A young lady took a sip of her adult beverage and said “I don’t go out here!! I mean.. THIS AIN’T ATLANTA!!” Several comments were made and I chimed in and asked… “What’s the difference?” She paused for a moment glanced back into her cup and replied. “It’s just different there” but could not give a concrete answer on what was different.

I then began to point out the fact that
1. We have a lot of the same amenities that Atlanta has
2. We have a one up on Atlanta because of our beaches
3. Jacksonville’s nightlife is determined by those that participate or choose not to participate
4. We control the culture of our nightlife. If its not right change it.

Don’t get me wrong!!! I frequent places like Atlanta, Miami, and Charlotte and enjoy the different scenery and nightlife.

But I also help stimulate the economy in my own hometown. In the bars, clubs, and restaurants that fuel Jacksonville. If we continue to ignore our own city soon we won’t have anything to do at all, this might lead to absolutely no night life, no concerts, and the potential of big events like the Super Bowl never returning to the Greater Jacksonville area.


6 responses

  1. As long as we keep setting the standards and keeping the core crowd as it is. We will continue improve the nightlife as well as continue to make others come up to our standards that we have set in our city. We are the matter, now the solution.

  2. You are such an inspiration. As long as you continue to do what you do,Jacksonville WILL have a nightlife. Big Turk knows how to bring drinks, class, and fun times together in a great atmosphere. I look forward to whats next!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Man… This was a DOPE post… Please continue to be respectfully disrespectful by stepping outside the box and the “norm”. Jacksonville’s night life has always been up & down. Maybe, your atmosphere and vision can change the rollercoaster of ride our nightlife has been…

  3. I like what you are doing in the city sir. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. Here are my thoughts: I have been in J-Ville 11 years and anyone and everyone that tries and does club promotions and parties says the same thing about the people here. I feel J-Ville can be a great party spot for the Grown and Sexy BUT… I dont feel it’s a lot of GROWN and SEXY people here. The quality of people here is not the same as in Big cities. People here want to be gangsters, and petty, and dont know how to have a good time without guns and fighting. They also dont care about their appearance, they show up looking like anything. There is not enough upscale people to out number the for the lack of a better word lower scale people. When you advertise for a party like your last 2, YOU had to tell people how to dress. Truly that was sad.

  5. I, too, applaud your efforts in bringing quality events to enhance Jacksonville’s nightlife. However, I am one of those people who is not so pleased with the options that are currently out there. My discontent has more to do with my interests and expectations of how a city’s nightlife should be. I believe that options for the urban audience lack diversity. Because the age demographic spans several decades, each category of consumers should be considered when initializing new events. To do so would include considering venue, pricing, atmosphere, neighborhood, target audience, and music to name a few things. If I had my way, I would be able to attend an event, possibly once a month, where R&B/Neo Soul and Pop (80s pop) represented the majority of the music that was played with some hints of Hip Hop (maybe a 80/20 split). Unfortunately, I think that most people think that this combination won’t work. As an avid Hip Hop fan, I enjoy being able to go to a dive and listening and dancing to the latest in Hip Hop as well as Hip Hop from the early years but I also would love to be able to enjoy a mellowed out scene as well. So Jasmine, we are out here just waiting for someone to expand their thinking just a little bit.

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