The Price of FAME

The price of Fame…

As I slowly pull up to the club, I am amazed with a line wrapped around the building filled with beautiful women. Fellas are slowly filing in going through VIP and “skip” line. The beauty is not what sparks my amazement, the fact that its 11:05 and every single one of these ladies are willing to pay $20 to participate in tonights festivities and men up to $40.

No celebrity guest. No concert. No holiday. No FREE Guest list.

This is a normal Friday night at the sexiest club in town, and the patrons are in for a show and have no problem paying the price of admission.

Unfortunately, this scene is not set in Jacksonville… The club was a circus of women filled VIPs, 100’s of bottles, and sweat dripping from everyone dancing for 4 straight hours. Again Atlanta is showing and proving why it’s the Mecca that it is.

So after a long night of dancing, drinking Ciroc, and abusing VIP couches. I drive home wondering how does this work in ATL but not in Jacksonville.

Is it the venues? Maybe it’s the promoter? Possibly the DJs? Or is it the patrons?

***light bulb comes on***

It’s all of the above!!! LET ME EXPLAIN

I will be the first to say that Jax lacks high end venues that can produce this type of atmosphere. Most clubs are lacking enough sex appeal to attract the Business minded,self sufficient, woman who will gather her girls and purchase VIP putting groups of so called “stunnas” to shame.
I would even go as far as blaming local promoters (myself Included) for crippling the market with too many gimmicks.
• Free guest list
• uncanny drink specials
• lazy dress codes

We have to remember this is a business, we make money by providing a service. That service is a “well orchestrated night life experience”. Ill sum the promoter portion of this up with one statement, “people have less appreciation For FREE anything.”

Now, the Patron , lets be clear. There is no Party without you. That also means you MAKE the party. The amount of money spent determines the future of the business. The people you bring end up on the website so they are a direct reflection of you, the venue, and the promoter. So my request is that you continue to financially support those who live to entertain you. Avoid the “guest list” because you realize your presence is worth the 10, 20, or 40 dollars the promoter is requesting of you. If this is done it increases the level of the experience of the nightlife in Jacksonville. Which allows the venues to improve. Allows the promoter to bring more celebrity guest and provide the patron with a better experience.


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