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NO DJ?….. NO party!!!!

“Fine, I”ll pack up and leave!!!” Is a phrase that any promoter or club owner dreads hearing from his DJ. Simply because nothing in the nightlife moves without the DJ.

All the drink specials and special appearances mean absolutely nothing without the right blend of music that keeps party goers on their feet dancing . It means absolutely nothing if your DJ does not understand the ability they have over crowd control and the influence on what music the people want to hear.

As an MC, Host, and frequent visitor of clubs up and down the east coast I have a great respect for the DJ and all the trouble they go through to create the best experience possible.

DJing is an art, it takes tons of preparation, to develop a style of play that will be well received. It takes even more research to make sure you are up on the latest music and trends in the game.

I have the utmost respect for ALL DJs male and female so, I salute you all!!!!

So next time you run across a DJ you enjoy let them know how much you appreciate them. It makes them feel good about their craft.

This post was inspired by last nights Global Spin awards held in New York,NY. Where DJs were honored with a ceremony similar to the Grammys or Emmys for other genres.

For more information about the Global Spin Awards checkout to see the categories the nominees as well the winners

Weekend in Review

I would like to start off by saying I’m proud of my city!!!!


Even after all of the confusion and mayhem Friday afternoon  First Friday still was a HUGE Success and the patrons were still pleased.


I would like to give a special Thank You to the crown capital Group family for coming together in extreme adversity  and making first Friday at Taste Food Studio happen without as of nothing ever went wrong. But most importantly I’d like to thank the members of “The Katz Downstairs” who had no obligation to fill to move furniture, sound, speakers, chairs…. But they dove right in without question.


This type of cooperation proves that there are people out here that care deeply about the entertainment experience in Jacksonville, Fl.  They helped the team and I get the building  ready for the massive amount of people we all were expecting, then got on stage and ripped the paint off the walls. 


Then DJ Byrd, CEO, and myself followed up with a musical journey that at times made the building appear to be moving a bit!



Then Sunday evening  with v101.5 I hosted “Soulful Sunday” at Taste Food Studio. We had some wonderful  performances by Dez and the future, comedians Nod Ross and Twan Murphy.  Spoke word Superstars Moses West and ANT Heard. With love vocal performances by RnB Sanga and MJBakermusic


Please stay tuned for upcoming events and up to date with all the events in hosting.


Other hosting opportunities are making themselves available and I am embracing all of the love  and support I’m getting