JAY z = MJ because J.Cole = Kwame Brown

I’ve often made the statement, ” great basketball players make horrible coaches.” Reason being when the rookie can’t make a certain play the great player turned coach can’t relate to that struggle. But as this post relates to Michael Jordan we are going to talk about him as an executive
MICHAEL JORDAN: 6 time champ, 5 time MVP, 14 time all star, 10 time scoring champ….. And the list goes on. As an executive he is a pretty UNIMPRESSIVE list of accomplishments: trading Richard Hamilton, returning to play for the Wizards, drafting Adam Morrison, and his epic fail!!!!! DRAFTING KWAME BROWN out of high school number 1 overall in 2001, who finished a 12 year career averaging 6 points per game, 5 rebounds and half a block per game after playing for 7 different teams. Most would consider that career that never lived up to the hype. Brown by far is the biggest bust in NBA history, and for his name to be attached to the greatest player to ever lace up a pair of sneakers is so saddening.

But my logic doesn’t only apply to great players turned executive…. In music you have similar issues, most great artist have a bad ear for new artist. Let’s take JayZ: 19 Grammys, 75 million records sold, married Beyonce ( in my opinion the greatest thing he has done with his life) and arguably the best rapper of all time. Jay Z more of them then not seems to make all the right decisions concerning his own career, also has a history of bad executive moves.. Insisting Memphis Bleek was next, retiring and allowing lil wayne to become the best rapper alive, signing MOP, and the worst signing J.cole. NOW BEFORE YALL LABEL ME A HATER LET ME BE CLEAR. I think J cole can spit with the best of them. But he a horrible artist. When I hear Cole on a feature where an artist shelled a few thousand for a hot 16 I am rarely disappointed. But when I spend my own 12.99 on an album I have always been disappointed in the full project. And even the 16 that jayZ decided to let cole jump on due to Andre 3000’s unwillingness to be in the music video for Beyonce’s hit single “we like to party” was one of the worst verses I’ve heard from J. Cole. These are the types of moves a great artist turned executive make. Allowing Cole or any artist for that matter, to follow any 3000 verse is suicide for an artist ( in my opinion that’s why jayZ didn’t do it himself)


I think J. Cole still has a number of years to change this opinion of mine, and I hope he does. But as of today!!!! He is just Kwame brown.


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