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“This ain’t ATLANTA!”

I was recently at a house party enjoying good vibes with some great people. Room filled with beautiful people enjoying good food, plenty Ciroc, and every drinking game known to mankind .

During that time there was a sidebar and the topic was the nightlife in Jacksonville. A young lady took a sip of her adult beverage and said “I don’t go out here!! I mean.. THIS AIN’T ATLANTA!!” Several comments were made and I chimed in and asked… “What’s the difference?” She paused for a moment glanced back into her cup and replied. “It’s just different there” but could not give a concrete answer on what was different.

I then began to point out the fact that
1. We have a lot of the same amenities that Atlanta has
2. We have a one up on Atlanta because of our beaches
3. Jacksonville’s nightlife is determined by those that participate or choose not to participate
4. We control the culture of our nightlife. If its not right change it.

Don’t get me wrong!!! I frequent places like Atlanta, Miami, and Charlotte and enjoy the different scenery and nightlife.

But I also help stimulate the economy in my own hometown. In the bars, clubs, and restaurants that fuel Jacksonville. If we continue to ignore our own city soon we won’t have anything to do at all, this might lead to absolutely no night life, no concerts, and the potential of big events like the Super Bowl never returning to the Greater Jacksonville area.